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Diocese Launches Family Bible Program

The diocesan School of Evangelization has launched the Family Bible Experience: Lectio Divina for the Family to help prepare parishioners for the Ninth World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland, in 2018.

The theme chosen by Pope Francis is “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World.”

The Pontifical Council for Family, the Foundation Ramon Pane, and the American Bible Society, under the leadership of Brother Ricardo Grzona and Mike Carotta, have provided 34 parishes in Brooklyn and Queens with participation in this New Testament reading program.

The Diocese of Brooklyn currently has over 8,500 participants beginning over the summer in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Tagalog for eight weeks. The purpose is to encourage families to become more familiar with the New Testament so that families can encounter Christ in a direct and personal way.

Each family member receives a copy of “The Books of the Bible: New Testament” and reads approximately 12 to 15 pages each day. Then once a week, families pray and meditate the exercise of Lectio Divina prepared to enhance the values that transform into virtuous lives. Families are able to discuss and comment on what they have read and learned, and hopefully will develop a better understanding and appreciation for the message of Christ.

The School of Evangelization is providing support during this program.

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