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Democrats’ Anti-Life Stand Continues to Alienate People

Our first Letter to the Editor this week says it all.

The recent statement by the newly elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee clearly states the position of the party when it comes to the life issue.

“Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health,” said Chairman Tom Perez, who was considered the lesser radical of the two top contenders for that role.

Reminiscent of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tirade of there being no room in New York State for anti-abortion viewpoints, the statement by Perez sends a chilling message to pro-lifers that they are not welcome in the Democratic Party.

In other words, he is willing to part ways with the 23 percent of party members who consider themselves to be pro-life. It also puts Democrats at odds with the majority of Americans who consistently say they favor some restrictions on abortion.

Perez’s comments have incensed Cardinal Timothy Dolan, chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities. Calling the words “very disturbing,” Cardinal Dolan urged party members to “challenge their leadership to recant this intolerant position.”

Cardinal Dolan pointed out that the Democratic platform already endorses abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, but to say that there should be no restrictions on it at all is even more inconceivable.

The Democratic Party, instead of learning a lesson from its thumping at the polls by President Donald Trump, continues to veer off in the wrong direction. The results of last November’s elections should have been an eye opener to the Dems that Americans reject their radical turn to the political left. It should have ben a wake-up call that they were going in the wrong direction. Instead, the party leadership seems to want to dig in and slide further down the slippery slope they are traveling on.

Cardinal Dolan says that women deserve more than promises of unlimited abortion. How right he is! Abortion does not empower women, the cardinal points out. It drags them down and leads to a basic rejection of womanhood.

Thankfully, Perez’s intolerant statement set off a revolt inside his party, as people such as Pro-Life Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly who said, “What Mr. Perez said makes no sense to me… I don’t know why we would want to start walking away from folks, like myself, who have a personal conviction on the pro-life issue. We ought to be able to include everyone, as opposed to saying ‘no, we don’t want these folks, even though they fight with us on jobs, even though they fight with us for economic rights, even though they fight with us on healthcare.’ It just seems to me to be very, very short-sighted.”

Short-sighted to say the least. The more that radicals like Tom Perez and others like Elizabeth Warren and Gov. Cuomo, open their mouths, the more letters like that of Mr. Lancucki of Maspeth will be written. It’s not so much that people want out of the Democratic Party as it is that the Democtrats want to walk away from the people.

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One thought on “Democrats’ Anti-Life Stand Continues to Alienate People

  1. I am an for pro life n it looks like I will be changing my vote again. Thank you Cardinal Dolan n thumbs down to mr Perez;I wonder does he have children? Democrats don’t need a leader with his ways.