Letters to the Editor

Defunding PP

Dear Editor: We know that there are Catholics who support abortion. However, no one can support the harvesting of baby parts for sale on the open market. Where is the Catholic voice to defund Planned Parenthood?

There are four ways to defund Planned Parenthood (PP). Three will not work because Obama can veto the bill.

1. Stand alone legislation to defund PP… Obama vetoes.

2. Attaching a bill to another piece of legislation, like the Highway Trust Fund (HTF)… Obama cares more about PP than the HTF… vetoes the bill.

3. Reconciliation (applies to funding bills)… needs only 51 votes in the Senate, instead of 60 votes… Obama vetoes the bill.

4. The solution: In October, there is “must pass” legislation, i.e. next year’s budget.

Rep. Jim Jordan proposes that Congress passes the bill at the amount everyone agrees to, except that the money that would have gone to PP goes direct to community health centers to provide all the services PP claims will be removed. No money for abortions.

Shutting down the government is a non  event; 83 percent of the government is considered essential… cannot be defunded. Obama can shut down national parks and veterans monuments to inconvenience everyone. In recent years there have been over 20 government shutdowns.

They say that we cannot default on government obligations. Another lie. The government has plenty of money to pay our obligations. Like us, the government will pay its obligations. Let Obama explain to the American people why he is shutting down the government in support of selling baby parts as he neglects our veterans in VA hospitals.


4 thoughts on “Defunding PP

  1. Before advocating the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the bigger picture must be examined and facts must be checked. The performing of abortions is only a small part of what Planned Parenthood provides to low-income women. The majority of their budget is earmarked for preventative health care and sex education. If Planned Parenthood is defunded, many poor women will not have access to breast exams, mammograms, pap smears, and contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies. If denied these services, poor women in this country are at risk for developing life-threatening illnesses. Without access to contraceptives, more unwanted pregnancies will occur, thus increasing the rate of abortion. Defunding these vital services provided by Planned Parenthood would be a serious blow to the health services available to poor women in the United States.

  2. Perhaps a less biased article about Planned Parenthood would be more appropriate. There are many analyses of the services provided by this organization available online.

  3. Baby body parts for sale. What will it take for progressive Catholics to denounce Planned Parenthood, an organization founded upon the theory of eugenics? Maybe if they start selling fetal tissue, I.e. Baby skin suitable for use in lampshades they will lose some luster. I doubt it though.