Diocesan News

Death in the Family

The students at Bishop Ford H.S. in Park Slope suffered their own pain during Holy Week when it was announced that their school would not be opening in the fall.

The last gasp of breath left the school when the governor and the state legislature refused to help private schools last week and killed the Education Investment Tax Credit.

State Sen. Martin Golden of Brooklyn quickly made the connection when he rightly stated: “For 52 years, Bishop Ford Central High School has served a vital role for the education of students throughout our community. The sad truth today is the failure to pass the Education Investment Tax Credit was the final straw on this school. There is no doubt in my mind that the tax credit would have made a difference here. Equally, if we do not take immediate action to enact the Education Investment Tax Credit, we will continue to see closings at an accelerated rate.”

We said there would be more closings. Unfortunately, we were right.