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Cuomo’s Catholic Problem

Dear Editor: Mario Cuomo, despite his immigrant parent upbringing in Queens and his overwhelming education at Catholic schools and then St. John’s University and St. John’s Law School, where his pictures are hung on every available wall, he chose the Ultra-Liberal Democratic Party above his religious directives.

I, by all means, cannot sit in judgment of the former governor but when he meets his Lord and Master, he will know if his and the decisions of his beloved son, Andrew, were either too far to the left but not enough true to their beloved Catholic Church.


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One thought on “Cuomo’s Catholic Problem

  1. From the first word of former Governor Mario Cuomo’s death, the Catholic press, The Tablet, specifically, has declared that his clearly outstanding emphasis on social justice as the Church teaches it, even his persistent fight against the death penalty – a far less sympathetic life issue – will be “rightly obscure(d)” by his stance on abortion.

    But no opinion was as seriously shocking to me as that expressed in a reader’s letter. While avowing that she “cannot sit in judgment” of Mario Cuomo, every word was one of unmistakable condemnation.

    A gentle reminder of Pope Francis’ healing words, “Who am I to judge?”