Letters to the Editor

Courage of Kim Davis 

Dear Editor:  Laws are derived from three sources: Natural Law, Law of the Omnipotent and Law of human societies. The first two are perfect while the third, if not a synthesis of the other two, is often flawed.

Human societies enact laws for rule and orderliness. These should be obeyed if they are conscionable. However, secular humanists often constitute themselves into a cabal and enact laws whose enforcement constitutes a travesty of justice.

Such law is crafted to trap and smear perceived opponents. When confronted with such a law, the better choice is to obey the jurisprudence of the Omnipotent (God, rather than humans).

This is the choice Kim Davis made recently. Her infectious courage reminds us that people of faith won’t surrender their conscience even if the consequence is going to jail.

Kim Davis deserves our prayers and solidarity. God bless her!

Victor Enemuo