Letters to the Editor

Church Social Doctrine

Dear Editor: The conflict of visions between idealists and realists is difficult to understand. Should we judge intentions or results?

If the results of tax cuts is a better economy, with lower unemployment and higher salaries, should we demonize tax cuts? Only earned money has some value.

The life of “public housing” is ephemeral, although the theory sounds nice.

Concerning the church social doctrine, it includes private property and personal freedom as of natural law. To discharge my duties to the poor on the shoulders of my neighbor is not Church doctrine.

A good forced on a person denies him the goodness of the deed, as written by St. Paul in the Letter to Philemon.

The Church tells us about our obligations, but not about our way to discharge those obligations. Social Doctrine is relatively new, and the last word has not been written.


Davidsonville, Md.


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