Special Coverage: Christopher White in Africa

Pan-African Conference

The Tablet’s National Correspondent, Christopher White, is on the ground in Nigeria for the first annual Pan-African Catholic Congress on theology, society and pastoral life. Below are the reports he has filed.

Kenyan Nun Uses Law Degree to Navigate Church Through African Society – December 10, 2019

Sister Leonida Katunge wears two hats – or habits, rather – spending her days alternating between teaching courses in liturgy and practicing law in her homeland of Kenya. At 11 years old she knew she wanted to become a nun after being inspired by her cousin who was also a religious sister. [Read More]

Africans Warn Numerical Growth Has to be Matched by ‘Tools of Liberation’ – December 9, 2019

A major African summit concluded on Dec. 9 with a warning that despite the continent enjoying the Catholic Church’s highest growth rate, unless theology and pastoral practice is “translated into tools of liberation” then “the growth of the Church will only be in number.” [Read More]

Experts Say Pope’s Metaphor of a ‘Field Hospital’ has Special Punch for Africa – December 8, 2019

According to a range of scholars at a Pan-African Congress on Theology, Pastoral Life, and Society, the pope’s metaphor for the Church as a “field hospital” provides particular resonance for the African continent – and, they say, must guide pastoral practice in the realms of education, liturgy, and the laity. [Read More]

Nun Warns African Catholics, ‘If You Want to Lead, Clean House on Abuse’ – December 7, 2019

As the number of African Catholics continues to soar, one Kenyan nun is warning that they must first “clean house” when it comes to the issue of clergy abuse before exhibiting greater leadership in the global Church. [Read More]

Pan-African Summit Opens With Pleas for Justice for Africa and Its People – December 6, 2019

In the inaugural Mass on the grounds of Bigard Memorial Seminary, Archbishop Charles Palmer-Buckle of Cape Coast, Ghana, encouraged the 80 delegates to seek justice “not from law courts…but justice, which comes through Jesus Christ.” [Read More]

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