Letters to the Editor

Christians and the Ecology

Dear Editor: Margaret Riconda (May 9) is being less than honest in associating fracking operations with low-level earthquakes in Oklahoma. Geologist Matthew Hornback, who has studied the condition for 30 years, testifying just this month before Congress, said, “We’re not talking at all about fracking, In fact, it’s disconcerting, frankly, that people keep using that term in the press.”

Injecting wastewater back into the earth is the result of a shortsighted environmental regulation (Is there any other kind?) mandated since 1985 for any and all drilling operations, not in any way unique to fracking operations.

When energy producers warned of negative consequences at the time, and presented alternatives to water injection, as they do today, their positions were and are propagandized by radical environmentalists as anti-people and anti-earth. Just one time I would like to hear how Christians explain their reconciliation of a belief in God – which would imply a faith capable of recognizing that God has guided the honest efforts of human industriousness throughout history – with their refusal to question the dire premises conjured up by real anti-people, anti-religious, anti-populationists.