Children in the Womb

Within this past week, the first of the 2017 State Legislative Session, already the Democrats and the Republicans are debating abortion expansion.

In the Assembly, Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) gave a lengthy speech on opening day, and received sustained applause from many in his chamber with his pledge to “re-codify Roe v. Wade.”

In the Senate, State Senator Cathy Young (Chair of the GOP Campaign Committee, R-Olean) concerning abortion expansion proposals, stated: “…the purpose of previous abortion bills touted by Cuomo and Democrats “actually was to codify partial-birth abortion and late-term abortion.”

When she was quizzed about newer versions of the bill, she stated, “I don’t believe it will be an issue moving forward for our conference.” Senator John Bonacic (R-Orange) has already indicated that he will support the expansion of the Reproductive Rights Act.

It is a definitive hope that the Senate will stand firmly against this bill. It is essential to find out where exactly the newly elected Republican Senators stand on this, particularly Sens. Pam Helming, Chris Jacobs and Elaine Phillips. We have the real opportunity to see the scourge of abortion end within our lifetimes.

Into the darkness comes this very little word, this logos, the light of the world. We have the God of paradox present in our midst. God, all-powerful, becomes all-weak as a baby; God, all-wise, becomes all-needy, as a baby; God, who is eternal, enters into time as a baby. And He does this, all the while remaining God. The incarnate God: God becomes one like us in all things but sin. “Nothing human is foreign to him.” He knows our pain, our fear, our suffering. He who did not know sin becomes sin itself.

The same Christ who is born in the wood of the manger, poor, is the same Christ who died on the wood of the Cross, poor, bloodied, “cursed, derided, bruised, defiled,” as the Stabat Mater reminds us.

This child, born to us (“unto us a Son is given”), is a promise and a pledge, but also a challenge. That same Infant Lord speaks to us – in and through the present moment – through the life of the child in the womb.

Pray that life will win out in the New Year!