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Catholics Have Rights Too

Dear Editor: A recent letter noted past letters vilifying Trump but didn’t go far enough in noting how some particulars of that contempt, although accepted among many Catholics, are an affront to Catholic values.

Referring to the pro-abortion and pro-hate demonstrations in Washington last January, in which there was violence (I was there), Robert Pozarycki’s anti-Trump letter (July 29) lectured us on a “right to protest,” as though anyone ever denied the right, and described the demonstrations as fine examples of civility, of which Jesus would have approved.

I don’t know if he means it, but we can be certain a member of the Trinity that created every living being, including the preborn – whose humanity is not dependent on the approval of feminist ideology – would not be joining a morally evil movement that advocates their mass murder on a scale greater than any in history.

Pozarycki’s contempt for Trump repeated popular fabrications about Trump “insulting” minorities, while providing no evidence, and the fiction of Trump ridiculing a handicapped reporter. Admittedly, Trump often affected a silly gesture of a shaking bewilderment imitation of any journalist caught in having to backtrack one of their exposed lies, and on one occasion when it was unknowingly directed towards a handicapped reporter, whose affliction did not involve tremors, it generated the myth of Trump mocking handicapped people. It was vile nonsense to manufacture this myth, and it’s shameful every time anyone repeats it.

In his remarks, Pozarycki supported the “rights” of pro-abortion protests, but showed indifference to the right of Catholics not wanting to be compelled to support abortion, as they are under the ACA law, for which he indicated support. Neither does he explain why anyone being freed from a mandated health “insurance” they do not want, and is many times more expensive than a free market would allow, would constitute “losing” it.

Clearly what is necessary is that Catholics need to consider that sources of information owned, financed, administered, and edited by those sharing beliefs essentially hostile to religiously based values just might consider that there are alternative sources of information.


Rockaway Beach

One thought on “Catholics Have Rights Too

  1. It is amazing and deeply troubling to know how many fellow Catholics who regularly attend mass voted in the last Presidential election for a PRO-ABORTION candidate. They openly shared their preference for candidate so I know firsthand by their own admission. Obviously they were not embarrassed to ensure the death of the innocents through more abortions on demand.

    In this regard the clergy and the archdiocese are to be held accountable – their guidance and reminders were non-existent prior to elections. Shameful really.