Letters to the Editor

Catholics: Examine Your Vote

Dear Editor: Election Day is fast approaching. Is there any hope that the Catholics in this diocese will finally wake up and take religion and traditional morality seriously of a change?

Two things are necessary: Catholics must turn out like the Orthodox Jews and vote; and they must vote to support the moral values of our Church, traditional values found in the Declaration of Independence, the foundation of our country and its rise to greatness.

If this happens, they will vote to cast out the incumbents, almost all democrats. This is necessary because our current elected officials are effectively puppets or robots who do what they are told by the party bosses. Now unfortunately, the Democratic Party is controlled by secular organizations such as Planned Parenthood, NOW, the ACLU, etc.

Two years ago, Bishop Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, publicly announced that as a result of the Democratic Convention activities and the party platform, he had been forced to realize that he could no longer remain a democrat and he changed his registration.

What he observed and reacted to should apply to all Catholics. The Democrats have made it totally clear by words and deeds they no longer adhere to our moral values and are doing their best to change or diminish them. The only way we can stop this is by making them pay a price for this – losing their jobs is a lesson they will understand. Let’s finally teach that lesson.


Lynbrook, L.I.