Dream of ‘Synodality’ is a Fruit of Vatican II, Cardinal Writes

While the term “synodality” is not found in any of the 16 documents of the Second Vatican Council, the council’s vision and definition of the church is at the heart of what synodality is, said Cardinal Mario Grech, secretary-general of the Synod of Bishops.

St. Andrew Avellino Church Synod Process is Already Bearing Fruit

The synod process has only recently been completed at churches in the Diocese of Brooklyn, but it’s already bearing fruit at St. Andrew of Avellino Church in Flushing, as the parish administrator is taking action to show parishioners that he is taking their ideas seriously.

Diocesan Synod Begins With Mass Celebrated by Bishop DiMarzio

The Diocese of Brooklyn opened its synod on Saturday with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio amid promises that the diocese will listen to all Catholics’ feedback, including those who are not active participants in church life.

Synodality’s Challenge: Become Open To New Ideas, Ways of Doing Things

We come together today to initiate the Synodal process in the Diocese in Brooklyn and Queens. The concept of Synod is nothing new to the Church. In the Acts of the Apostles, we see the first council, the Council of Jerusalem, where the people came together to discern the question of how new non-Jewish Christians should be initiated into the Church.