Passing the Faith From One Generation to Another

As we approach Catechetical Sunday, we have an opportunity to reflect on this year’s theme — “I receive from the Lord what I handed on to you.” This is perhaps the perfect definition of what catechesis is all about; it is the handing on of the faith from one generation to another.

The Attack That Shook the Foundations of Our Society

This year, Patriot Day will be observed on Friday, September 11, the 19th Anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville in Pennsylvania. Each year, Patriot Day is celebrated in remembrance of all those who were killed or injured by the terrorist attack.

We Realize Dignity Through Work

Labor Day 2020 is very different from Labor Day 2019 as we see the economic toll that the coronavirus pandemic has taken upon our economy and especially upon the job market.

Your Parish Needs Your Support Now More Than Ever

Masses have resumed in our churches in Brooklyn and Queens, with the required social distancing and other new health-related requirements such as wearing a face covering and social distancing.

‘Broken Windows Invite Further Broken Windows’

On the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, we commemorate the bodily assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven because she was conceived without sin. This is because no corruption would ever touch her body since her soul was uniquely preserved from Original Sin by the grace that she was to be the Mother of God by giving birth to Jesus Christ.

Black Lives Mattered Very Much to Monsignor Bernard Quinn

Black Lives mattered very much to Msgr. Bernard Quinn, Servant of God, whose Cause for Canonization began 10 years ago. As he said to the holy people he served: “… I would willingly shed to the last drop my life’s blood for the least among you.”

We Must See Everything From the Perspective of Eternity

There come certain times in history when we start to look at things differently because of extraordinary events. This COVID-19 experience is one of those times when we begin to remember things that occurred before the pandemic and think of what might be after the pandemic.

The Origin of Our Devotion to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

In a special way in every Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel we put out into the deep recesses of our souls, recognizing that our primary purpose in life is to develop a union with God. Without this, we cannot be prepared someday to give our lives back to God. Our union today predicts how close our union will be at the time of our death.

Answering the Call of Duty During These Trying Times

On the first weekend after the quarantine began, my first task before individually calling each of the pastors of our parishes in Brooklyn and Queens, I placed a call to each of our hospital chaplains. Truly, they were on the front lines in their ministry in the hospitals of Brooklyn and Queens.