It Took a Village for Catholic Education To Triumph in This Most Trying Year

Throughout the pandemic, we have shared resources with the Catholic High School Principals that further ensured the health and safety of faculty, staff, and students. One of the areas that has yielded a great response has been the reconnection of Catholic High Schools as an extension of our elementary schools within the Diocese in Brooklyn and Queens.

Migration Issue an Opportunity To Strengthen Our Nation

Our nation has been built on migration; however, at the same time, our nation has always found it difficult to integrate migrants into our society. As a Church, we know our first responsibility is to welcome, protect and, integrate the goals set by Pope Francis himself for our migrant ministry.

Pastoral Letter on The Eucharist

As we begin our full return to the Sunday Liturgy on the Feast of Corpus Christi, there is no better day on which we can reinitiate in earnest our efforts to celebrate the Lord’s day and the Eucharist.

Welcoming Men Of Generosity Who Offer Themselves to The Church

As we put out into the deep of the new Ordination of 10 to the Permanent Diaconate and welcome 15 new candidates into the first-year program, join me as we remember the deacons in our prayers. These men of generosity, surrounded by their wives and families, offer themselves to the Church in a special service that is unique to their charism.

Let’s Keep Our Asian Brethren in Our Hearts and Prayers

The present violence against our Asian brothers and sisters is certainly lamentable. This violence must stop. I ask that you include in your prayers and intentions that we might come to recognize that societal blame for any ills of the world is not tenable.

Recognizing the Spiritual Meaning of The Feast of the Ascension

This Thursday, we celebrate the feast of the Ascension of the Lord.  In some ecclesiastical provinces in our country, the feast will be celebrated on Sunday, May 9, while others will celebrate the feast on Sunday, May 16, giving more people an opportunity to celebrate this meaningful feast.

Honor and Never Forget Our Mothers, Who Never Forget Their Children

Mother’s Day, by a wonderful coincidence, falls in the month of May, which is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. As we contemplate the great gift of motherhood, there is no better backdrop from which to view motherhood than looking to the Motherhood of Mary, the Mother of Jesus — the Mother of God.

The Importance of Helping Young People Respond to God’s Call

The work of recruiting vocations for the priesthood and religious life is a never-ending task. One method that our Diocese in Brooklyn and Queens has found to be very rewarding is to have an annual retreat for discerners. This began when now-Bishop Kevin Sweeney was our director of vocations and was continued by Father Kevin Abels, Father Sean Suckiel, and now Father Christopher Bethge. These men had one mission: to recruit.