Gathering at the Table At Our Rightful Place

I have to admit that before writing this, I didn’t know what a terebinth was. It’s right there in the first reading, a word that I’ve surely come across before.

Gospel Reminds Us All To Be Good Samaritans

The Gospel given to us by the Church today contains the familiar story of the Good Samaritan, a story with a clear moral message about helping those in need regardless of our personal aversions to them.

Jesus Urges the Disciples To Spread the Gospel

All throughout the Old Testament, and very clearly in Revelation, God speaks of the Holy City. From the locked gates of Eden, humanity has longed to return to the place of God’s friendship, an endeavor He encourages and even promises to His faithful people.

The Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Vernacular” is a word I first heard a long time ago at St. Gabriel School in East Elmhurst, when one of the wonderful Sisters of Charity who taught there told us at the beginning of the prayers with which each school day began that we would no longer be referring to the Third Person of the Trinity as the “Holy Ghost.”

The Gospel’s ‘Wow’ Factor: Deeds of Power

What about the “wow” factor? That’s not an expression biblical scholars often use when we talk about the words and deeds of Jesus in the Gospels, but it’s useful just the same.

Teaching ‘The Mystery Of God’ Is My Love

My students are just as surprised to learn that the scientist responsible for the Big Bang theory was a diocesan priest from Belgium named Georges Lemaître. I challenge them to rethink their preconceptions of the relationship between religion and science by reflecting on this statement:

Pentecost Sunday Celebrates the Holy Spirit

The Good News of Christ comes to us in each of our countless vernaculars, in Spanish and Igbo and Kreyòl Ayisyen, in Polish and Tagalog, Korean and Mandarin and in English—just some of the languages in which we praise God in our diocese—and in so many others besides.

Jesus Prays for His Disciples in Hour of Need

I returned to NY Presbyterian (Booth Memorial) as soon as I received a text that my dad had taken a serious turn with his condition. By the time I arrived, he had already been resuscitated twice. An hour later, his heartrate began to slow down again.