The Transfiguration Reassures Our Faith

As in all things, when we read a passage presented to us in the lectionary from the Holy Gospel, we need to place it into the proper context. If we read this particular passage from the Gospel according to the Evangelist Saint Luke, we might get a bit confused.

The Lenten Season Offers A Look at Jesus’ Nature

The gospel reading presented to us for the First Sunday of Lent is rather familiar to all of us — Our Lord’s temptation in the desert. In fact, in every cycle of the lectionary (recall that the “A” cycle offers us Matthew’s Gospel, the “B” cycle offers us that of Mark, and in the “C” cycle, which we are in this liturgical year, we are reading from the Gospel of Luke), this important event in the life of Jesus the Christ is proclaimed.

Gospel Has Beautiful Image of Leadership

No disciple is superior to the teacher, but when fully trained every disciple will be like his teacher. All of us are on a journey, led by the Shepherd, Jesus Christ, as he leads us to the Father’s house.

Using the Beatitudes in Our Troubled Times

A few weeks after my installation as Pastor, I received an anonymous gift from a parishioner. My secretary found a package beautifully wrapped with an envelope taped to it with my name on it.

How Did You Hear the Call? Figures in Readings

Over the last 12 years of my priesthood and during much of my time as a seminarian, people would ask me about my vocation story. The question would always begin with the phrase, “How did you hear the call?”

St. Paul’s Holy Levity United the Corinthians

I hope I won’t be judged irreverent by suggesting that if Saint Paul hadn’t succeeded as an apostle — which he most surely did — he might have made it as a comedian. Seriously!

How We Can Recognize Jesus In His Baptism

One of my favorite assignments in a course I often teach invites students to “describe, from your perspective, your image of God, what you picture or imagine (with or without a visual image) when you consider ‘God’.”