Statewide Honors for Charities’ Senior VP

Emmie Glynn Ryan of Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens received the Vincenza DeFazio Award for outstanding contributions to the work of the NYS Council of Catholic Charities Directors in Albany last month.

Encounter Tackles Problem Of Polarization in Church

A major Catholic get-together took place in Manhattan last weekend, but it was hardly anyone’s idea of some holier-than-thou event. Gales of laughter unfolded in the lobby over food and drink, while outside of the venue, enough cigarette smoke was emitted that one may temporarily think they had walked upon the scene of the fire.

‘Put Him on Your List’ Drives Statewide Christmas Campaign

Churches from across New York State have joined the Diocese of Brooklyn in its annual campaign designed to remind people about the true meaning of Christmas during this busy season. The “Put Him on Your List” campaign encourages the faithful to put Jesus at the top of their Christmas list and to celebrate His birth by attending Mass.

Michelangelo at The Met

Finished works by Michelangelo Buonarroti – the Sistine Chapel, the Pietà, the statue of David – continue to captivate millions of viewers each year. But before the Renaissance genius picked up his brush or chisel, he began with chalk to sketch what would become some of the world’s most enduring art masterpieces.