Kids Were Winners When Collars Took on Scholars

Being Editor of The Tablet has taken me to places where I never would have gone. Take for instance last Monday evening when I walked onto the field at MCU Park in Coney Island to umpire the softball game between the Collars and the Scholars.

Intolerance and Incivility Once Again Reign at Tony Awards

I rarely watch the show business awards shows, like the Emmys, Oscars and Tonys. I just can’t stand being lectured by a bunch of actors who think they are the role models for public behavior. Their arrogance and self-righteousness gets under my skin.

Encountering Modern Culture Is Not Without Its Perils

I think Cardinal Timothy Dolan did a masterful job handling the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Heavenly Bodies – Fashion and the Catholic Imagination exhibit. He knew there would be some liberties taken by the chic-chic crowd, but he realized that such a magnificent display in such a prominent location could reap benefits as the Church continues to confront contemporary culture.

For 45 Years, Msgr. Marino Has Seen Miracles in the Priesthood

For Msgr. Ron Marino, his 45th anniversary Mass of thanksgiving was a family affair.

For almost 40 years, Msgr. Marino has been involved in ministry to immigrants.  So it wasn’t unusual that joining his Brooklyn parishioners from Regina Pacis-St. Rosalia, were the faces of people from many different nations.

Priests Deserve Our Respect Year-Round

I was honored to receive the St. Francis de Sales Diocesan Communicator’s Award last week from Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio at our annual celebration of World Communications Day.

Legalizing Pot Is Nothing More Than a Pipe Dream!

A recent phenomenon is walking down the street of your neighborhood and picking up the scent of marijuana. All of a sudden it’s no longer a strange occurrence. Apparently, pot smoking is everywhere. It’s no longer only at concerts and in clubs, but it’s also outside schools, at the beach and in public parks.

Priests Told to Take Care of Themselves

Even those who take care of other people need to be taken care of themselves.

That’s the rationale behind the Wellness Day conducted last week for priests of the diocese. Held at the Immaculate Conception Center, Douglaston, the day consisted of workshops, a panel discussion and opportunities for various medical tests throughout the day. There were hearing tests, information on avoiding strokes, chances to have blood pressure measured – all as a way to impress upon the clergy the need to be concerned about their physical and emotional health.

Time Is Being Preserved at OLA

It’s never too early to start planning an anniversary party.

Our Lady of Angels parish in Bay Ridge has set Sept. 24, 2091 as the date for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of its founding. On that day, the time capsule that was entombed last weekend in the wall of the church will be opened by parishioners to get a glimpse at what parish life was like in 2018.