Catholic Librarians and Life’s Great Mysteries

Back in August, I was invited to deliver the opening address at the annual conference of Catholic librarians on Oct. 21. The talk was to be delivered on Zoom which I had only done once previously.

A Modern Missionary

Before starting to write this column I looked at two books written by Sister Ave Clark, O.P.: “A Heart of Courage: The Ordinary and Extraordinary Becoming Holy”. The second book, which is Sister’s sixth book, was co-authored with her brother Joseph M. Clark. I was delighted to see recently that the book was advertised in both The Tablet and the Jesuit magazine, America.

Gratitude Should Be Serious And Come From The Heart

Each year as Thanksgiving arrives, I try to think of the countless blessings for which I should be grateful. Of course, because they are countless, it is impossible to do more than remember some blessings that stand out in my memory.

Christianizing Culture

Can Christians so influence contemporary society that the experience of Christians and even the experience of those who claim to be nonbelievers becomes Christianized? Is such a goal just wishful thinking, just a pleasant dream but a dream not rooted in reality?

Power of Witness

The passages in Bernard Cooke’s “The God of Space and Time” that stress the importance of the Church’s mission to carry on the work of Christ have made a deep impression on me. I don’t think many of Cooke’s ideas are new to me but the way he presents them I have found exciting and inspiring. I think it is the way that Cooke writes about the Mystical Body and the role of Christians in that Body that has touched me deeply.

The Presence of the Risen Christ

In “The God of Space and Time” (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960, pp. 208, $4.95) Bernard Cooke discusses how God in the Old Testament helped the Jewish People to grow in holiness as His people and distinguishes that relationship from the relationship that the risen Christ has with the Christian community.

Experience of Being the Mystical Body of Christ

In commenting on the doctrine that the Christian community is the body of Christ in the world, Bernard Cooke in his book “The God of Space and Time” uses as an analogy our human bodies. He points out that just as a man and woman in marriage “become one flesh,” Christ and his Church become one body.

A Personal Relationship With God

Re-reading Bernard Cooke’s “The God of Space and Time” has been an especially enjoyable experience for me.

Freedom is One of God’s Great Gifts to Us

I have a habit. How long have I had it? I am not certain. Did it start when I began to teach philosophy many years ago? I don’t think so because I can now recall having the habit even when I was a seminarian studying for the priesthood.