Bereavement Special Issue

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a process that no one should have to go through alone. The Tablet offers this bereavement supplement with practical and spiritual advice to guide readers through the journey.

When Lasagna Says More Than Words to Bereaved

Often after the death of the loved one of a friend, neighbor or co- worker, people are at a loss for what to say or do but they might be quick to whip up a batch of brownies or a chicken casserole.

Burials Go ‘Green’ by Staying Traditional

Many people focused on maintaining a sustainable lifestyle can now expand this to end-of-life practices as “green” or natural funerals and burials join the rising movement toward sustainable burial practices.

Online Resources for Funerals, Grieving

Many people use websites for funeral planning after a loved one has passed away. However, the Internet can also be a source to find comfort throughout the grieving process, learn about funeral etiquette, join a chat room or find a nearby church support group.

Grief Counselors’ Goal Is Long-term Healing

After debris has been cleared and physical rebuilding is well underway, counselors for victims of natural disasters and violence contend that real healing still needs to take place.

Grieving Can Begin Before Actual Death

Grieving can begin long before a loved one dies. Families grieve losses along the way as the loved one declines and the relationship changes.

‘Death Cafes’ Confront Difficulty with Cake

Death cafes are a social movement, started in London in 2011, to increase awareness of death, dying and bereavement, while also offering support and nourishment for the body and spirit.

Seeing Hospice as a Blessing for Families

Looking back more than three years, I would call them angels of mercy. At the time, as they sat at our dining room table, I probably thought of them more as messengers of death. The two women weren’t any sort of messengers, in fact. They had simply answered my wife’s request.