Chronic Fatigue Is Not in Your Mind

Dear Dr. Garner, I am tired all the time. I have aches and pains in my muscles and joints. I feel like I’ve done a day’s work and it’s only the morning. I am very worried and depressed. Do you have any idea what could be causing this? Fatigued in Flushing

Eye Irritation May Be Due to Dryness

Dear Dr. Garner, I am really exasperated. Every day, particularly in the late afternoon, I get a stinging or burning in my eyes. My eyelids feel so heavy. I have a hard time sitting at the computer or reading as much as I would like. My eyes get tired and I tend to fall asleep. […]

Obsessive Behaviors Can Begin at Any Age

Dear Dr. Garner, My family tells that there is something wrong with me. Whenever I leave the house, I find myself going back to make sure I turned off the stove and locked the door. As it turns out, I never do leave the stove on or leave the door unlocked, but doing this routine makes me feel better.

Abdominal Pain Has Many Causes

Dear Dr. Garner, For the past month, I have been having stomach pains. It usually starts off as diarrhea and then ends up with constipation. I haven’t had any fevers. It doesn’t seem to be related to any specific types of food.

Simple Exercises Help Maintain Balance

Dear Dr. Garner, I have a terrible problem. As I’m standing and talking to someone in the street, or merely walking slowly, I find myself getting dizzy and almost falling. It’s not as though things are spinning around me. I get a sense of being on a boat bobbing up and down. It almost feels like I might tip over.

Swollen Feet Have Different Causes

Dear Dr. Garner, My ankles and feet have been swelling each night. It seems to have gotten worse lately. I can’t fit in my shoes, and when I press on my ankles, it leaves a mark. I am a healthy 78-year-old. I do have thyroid problems, and I take several blood pressure medications.

Staying Hydrated Can Prevent Kidney Stones

Dear Dr. Garner, Last week, I had the worst pain of my life. I went to the doctor, and it turned out to be kidney stones. While I am free of stones now, should I expect a recurrence anytime soon? What can I do to prevent future stones? Kidney Stones and Moans in Midwood

Sleep Terrors Can Be A Real Nightmare

Dear Dr. Garner, I have the strangest problem. I wake up at night scared and sweating. I often scream at my husband when sleeping. I have no idea why. I don’t remember having a nightmare.

A Sense of Purpose Improves Heart, Health

Dear Dr. Garner, I always enjoy your columns that deal with heart disease and mental issues such as depression. I recently read an article that claimed having a purpose in life could reduce the risk of heart disease. What do you think about this?

Alternative Remedies For Arthritis Pain

I have terrible arthritis pain. I have tried medications and they just don’t seem to work. What else can I do? Can you please help me? Aching in Astoria