The Power of Literature (And the Holy Spirit)

Third in a series

OBSERVING COLLEGE students and also talking with other college professors has called my attention to what I consider a serious problem. There seems to be a dramatic change in the reading habits of contemporary college students. I don’t know the cause. But I know I have to try to motivate students to read more. When people read serious literature, anything can happen. The Holy Spirit breathes where He will.

Myths and Facts: Ulcer Disease

Dear Dr. Garner, I am a loyal reader of your weekly column and I am writing because I have been experiencing a nagging pain on the left side of my stomach. Sometimes it gets so bad that it feels like a knife is sticking in me.

Blood in the Urine Should Be Checked

Dear Dr. Garner, I am very scared. When I got up to go to the bathroom today, my urine looked bloody. It really doesn’t hurt. It is more the sight of it that bothers me. I am 58 years old, and aside from smoking, I am fine. I have no health problems. Do you think […]

Summer’s Over, Check Your Skin

Dear Dr. Garner, My brother was told he had melanoma last year. He was lucky to have found it on a routine physical and it had not spread. As a result, the whole family was very cautious about our sun exposure this summer. Is this necessary? Should we be taking special precautions?

Older Adults Should Get Shingles Vaccine

Dear Dr. Garner, My husband is a really tough guy. He had no problem with kidney stones and even has a Purple Heart from Korea. He finally has met his match in shingles. I have never seen in him so much pain. I am really annoyed that our doctor never told us that there was a vaccine to prevent this from happening.

Prayer and Health Connection

Dear Dr. Garner, I read your column each week and thoroughly enjoy it. I have a question that may be difficult to answer; however, I hope you will be able to provide some information on the subject.
My question is: Does prayer have the power to heal? Do you think there is any way to really tell if prayer has an effect, and what proof is there? Looking for Healing in Hollis

Simple Surgery to Correct Cataracts

Dear Dr. Garner, I am 75 years old and in very good health. I have one problem with which I hope you can help me. For about the past six months, I have had a lot of trouble reading, particularly when the room is not well lit. I can’t drive the car at night as I get a bad glare from oncoming cars. It is beginning to affect my lifestyle. A friend thinks it could be cataracts. What do you think?
Seeing Foggy in Forest Hills

Antibiotics and Ear Infections in Children

Dear Dr. Garner, I have a 6-year-old son, who seems to come down with ear infections at least three times a year. Should children with ear infections be getting antibiotics? I remember getting pink liquid antibiotics every time I had an ear infection as a child. What is best?

Screening for Colon Cancer Saves Lives

Dear Dr. Garner, I have colon cancer, which has spread to other parts of my body, and I am undergoing painful chemotherapy. The worst part is that this all could have been easier to treat had it been found much earlier. I am now 65, and while my husband went for a colonoscopy when he turned 50, I kept putting it off.

Benefits Outweigh Risks for New Knees

Dear Dr. Garner, I’m about to have knee replacement surgery and I am quite scared. It’s my first-ever operation. I’m otherwise in good health, although slightly overweight. Do you have any advice to alleviate my fear?