The Blending of Faith And Artistic Creativity

If the pandemic has taught me anything about my life of faith, I hope it has taught me the importance of being still and silent with God, or at least sometimes listening to rather than speaking to God.

A Novelist Writes About Her Catholic Faith

For several years before the pandemic I moderated an adult education course on the Catholic novel. It was a wonderful experience for me and apparently for many of those who attended the course. I cannot recall the number of years I offered the course. Perhaps more than 15 years.

Creating a Eucharistic Strategy to Include Everyone

In his excellent essay in the November issue of Commonweal magazine, Father Robert Imbelli argues persuasively that to challenge the frightening reality that only 31% of American Catholics believe in the Real Presence and also the disappointing truth that large numbers of Catholics no longer celebrate Sunday Eucharistic celebrations, we need what he refers to as a Eucharistic strategy.

Catholics Must Have a Eucharistic Mentality

In the September issue of Commonweal magazine Peter Steinfels had a marvelous essay entitled “Separate Challenges,” dealing with the meaning of the Eucharist and what the American bishops should do to meet the crisis — and indeed it is a crisis — about the large number of Catholics who do not believe in the Real Presence of the Risen Christ in the Eucharist and about the large number of Catholics who regularly miss the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist.

Thinking About God As a Pure Self-Gift

I wonder if readers of this column grew up with the same understanding of the Old and New Testaments that I grew up with, which was really a misunderstanding. I thought of the God of the Old Testament as a God of anger and the God of the New Testament as a God of love.

Catholic Librarians and Life’s Great Mysteries

Back in August, I was invited to deliver the opening address at the annual conference of Catholic librarians on Oct. 21. The talk was to be delivered on Zoom which I had only done once previously.

A Modern Missionary

Before starting to write this column I looked at two books written by Sister Ave Clark, O.P.: “A Heart of Courage: The Ordinary and Extraordinary Becoming Holy”. The second book, which is Sister’s sixth book, was co-authored with her brother Joseph M. Clark. I was delighted to see recently that the book was advertised in both The Tablet and the Jesuit magazine, America.

Gratitude Should Be Serious And Come From The Heart

Each year as Thanksgiving arrives, I try to think of the countless blessings for which I should be grateful. Of course, because they are countless, it is impossible to do more than remember some blessings that stand out in my memory.

Christianizing Culture

Can Christians so influence contemporary society that the experience of Christians and even the experience of those who claim to be nonbelievers becomes Christianized? Is such a goal just wishful thinking, just a pleasant dream but a dream not rooted in reality?