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Bushwick Mechanic Keeps His Business Fine Tuned

By Father Frank Mann

Recently, the New York Post printed a Gallup poll story titled, “In Job We Trust.” It showed the percentage of adults who think certain professions have very high ethical standards. Nurses led at 82 percent. Clergy found their spot at 41 percent. Car salespeople were the lowest at 10 percent. Where would car mechanics rate in the hierarchy? Probably below 10 percent?

There is a little secret tucked away in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, specifically 428 Weirfield St. Perhaps one could even call the location a “hidden treasure.”

Felix Rosado standing in front of his  car repair business – Felix Bushwick Auto Repair. (Photo: Victor Gonzalez)

It is a “top notch,” highly-rated car repair business, owned and operated by a mechanic of rare integrity – Felix Rosado of Felix Bushwick Auto Repair. Puerto Rican by nationality, Rosado is a faithful parishioner at St. Martin of Tours Church on Hancock St. His immaculately clean, tidy and well-maintained repair shop can be found a very short distance from the church.

Rosado defined his business ethics with the words: “Honesty, Performance and Respect.” One parishioner who visits Rosado religiously with his car repairs explained, “Felix is a wizard of a mechanic. His work is nothing less than stellar perfection. His honesty is extremely hard to match.”

The individual added, “The bottom line is that Felix really cares. He not only treats each and every individual with respect, but he cares sincerely and genuinely about your vehicle’s issues. He listens to your frustrations and works brilliantly and diligently to get the issues resolved.”

“I believe strongly in quality control,” explained Rosado. “Likewise, if my work is not done correctly, I could never in good conscience release anyone’s vehicle. For me, honesty is at the forefront – and I never forget that the man upstairs (God) doesn’t like ugly!

“If I were to take advantage or rob you of your hard earned money, you would most likely never recommend me! If I did wrong by you, I may be able to eat today – but certainly not tomorrow! If I ever did something dishonest in order to survive, then I honestly want nothing to do with it.”

Rosado shared a rather eye-opening story with regard to honesty. Recently, a group of young women visiting from California were told by a mechanic that they needed certain repair work to the tune of $800. They decided to get another opinion and searched for a mechanic who had high ratings on the internet.

Rosado said,“When they came to me, I saw that the repair work the other mechanic supposedly diagnosed was totally incorrect. The work they needed cost about $80 and not $800.” He was quick to note that this was a perfect example why people have trust issues with car mechanics.

Rosado shared his feelings about the diligence and dedication of his work, “I would say if someone is looking for a fair and honest auto mechanic who is a perfectionist in the work he does, then please give me a chance to prove myself.”

Rosado says, “My clients do the advertising for me!”

The Tablet spoke to some of his customers. Edwin Badia said, “I have been taking my vehicle to Felix regularly for over 30 years. He is honest, his prices are competitive – but more importantly, he knows his business! My family would never take our vehicles to anyone else.”

Jose Bravo shared, “For the past 14 years I have been going to Felix for my car and truck needs. He is highly reliable, knowledgeable and professional. Felix always treats his customers with utmost respect and loyalty.”

Phillip Carrillo, a NYPD officer and parishioner at St. Martin of Tours, also praised Rosado. “I have known him for 16 years. He is a good man with a big heart and will go out of his way to help you. He treats others with compassion and understanding and will never take advantage of a mechanical situation to increase profits.”

Carrillo explained, “Felix has a simple philosophy – God first, followed by family and friends and always remembering to treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

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