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Both Parties Bear Blame

Dear Editor: It’s hard to keep up with everyone. I’m responding to Democrat Lib Rick O’Connell’s criticism (Nov. 14) of Republican George Weigel’s column (Nov. 7) supporting Paul Ryan.

A plague on both your houses. Paul Ryan just voted with the RINO Republicans who teamed up with Obama to increase the debt on my grandkids by $1+ trillion dollars. Not only that, they signed a two-year deal, tying the hands of the next Republican President, Ted Cruz … extending Obama’s spending into the ninth year of his eight-year term.

O’Connell complains that Republicans are not concerned about the neediest of our society. Economic growth under Obama has averaged about 1 percent. You help the needy by providing jobs. I would repatriate $2+ trillion of after-tax profits that American companies have warehoused offshore because Obama wants to tax them 35 percent to bring it home.

I would repeal ObamaCare. Do you know who the 49ers and the 29ers are? Let’s say your kid with the new 4.0 college degree wants a job. I would love to hire him/her but he/she would be the 50th employee causing me to have to provide healthcare. Why don’t you go to the temp agency and come back for a part-time job with no benefits? By the way, you can’t work more than 29 hours for the same reason. Why don’t you go to the temp agency and get two 20- hour jobs with no benefits?

I would repeal all the Obama job-killing regulations. China and India are building coal mines as fast as they can. Obama is shutting down coal mines as fast as he can. The miners in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky, who only know coal, are permanently unemployed… unless they relocate to China and India.

So much for Lib Democrats concern for the needy.

Illegal aliens? Sure! American coal miners? Who cares?

Paul Ryan just voted with Lib Dems to fund Planned Parenthood for the next two years. Anybody need any baby parts? It’s now a growth industry.

A plague on both your houses.



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One thought on “Both Parties Bear Blame

  1. Paul Ryan goes overnight from a clean cut, young,well spoken,up and coming Republican politician, to a dirty,shabby looking,in step liberal a–hole.
    There is very little hope for this once great country to survive-may G-d have mercy on our children and grandchildren.