Letters to the Editor

Boost for the Saint

Dear Editor: I just wanted to thank you so much for placing my article about St. Joseph of Cupertino in The Tablet (April 11). I absolutely love the spot that you placed it in. It really brought great exposure to it. I was also thrilled to see that you put in a picture of St. Joseph of Cupertino. I wanted the focus to be on him, so I’m really glad that his photo got put in instead of mine. It worked out perfectly.

The whole experience has been pretty surreal for me. I thought you would like to know that I received phone calls from people in other parishes whom I never met before. They got my phone number from Sacred Heart Rectory. They called to tell me how moved they were by the story and that they wanted to know where I found the St. Joseph of Cupertino prayer.

One woman told me she wanted to send the prayer to her niece in Ireland who was studying for a big exam. She also told me that she handed The Tablet out to many people that she knew so that they could learn about St. Joseph of Cupertino.

Another woman called me saying that she also wanted to know where I found the prayer so that she could give it to her son who is a fireman and is taking an exam to become a lieutenant. Both of these people were so happy to learn about this saint because they didn’t really know about him before. People in my parish also approached me telling me how much they were inspired and how they never knew of this saint before.

My goal was to simply put my story out there to enhance devotion to this saint and to thank him in the paper. I never expected to get such incredibly inspiring feedback. I just wanted to share all this with you so that you really know how much you have positively affected others by putting this piece in The Tablet. You have helped me bring awareness and hopefully more devotion to God and St. Joseph of Cupertino. People are being affected even as far as Ireland and who knows how much it will continue to spread through word of mouth.

Thank you so much and God bless you for the work you do for our diocese!

East Glendale