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Bishop Molloy Retreat House

A Place Where Faith Is Nurtured and Minds Grow

People of faith have gone into the desert and mountains on retreat to be sensitive to the presence of God for thousands of years.

Today, there often comes a time when individuals must say “no” to the busy-ness they have created in their lives and simply say “yes” to the part of themselves that needs a time and space for deeper communion with God.

Space to Be with God

Passionist retreat centers provide that time and space to be with God in a more intimate way. The Passionists of St. Paul of the Cross Province belong to a community of thousands of Passionist priests, brothers, sisters and nuns who minister in over 50 countries.

Founded by St. Paul of the Cross, the Passionists serve as preachers, retreat givers, pastors and educators.

The Bishop Molloy Retreat House is a spiritual center that provides a variety of programs and services. The center is also able to accommodate groups who wish to gather for spiritual and educational purposes, as well as events.

Located in Jamaica Estates, the center is attached to the Immaculate Conception parish and Passionist Monastery, directly across from The Mary Louis Academy. Bishop Molloy Retreat House is a destination for people seeking a peaceful place in which to hold a special event and an urban Oasis for those looking to escape the busyness of everyday life.

The physical plant boasts 95 guest rooms, several conference rooms, a chapel, library and dining room as well as a beautiful garden.

Offering an ongoing ministry to youth, young adults, adults, couples and families and in hosting other events, the center strives to be open and hospitable to the needs of all people on their faith journeys. The facilities are available to the wider ecumenical and inter-faith community and to educational and non-profit organizations whose programs are in harmony with our mission of spiritual and human development.

Visit or call 718-739-1229 for more information.