Bishop Loughlin Sports AD Stepping Down After 16 Years

Angela Proce is stepping down as athletic director at Bishop Loughlin H.S. after 16 years. (Photo: Courtesy Angela Proce)

For Angela Proce, serving as the athletic director at Bishop Loughlin H.S., Fort Greene, was a labor of love.

Sure, there were long days, long meetings, long phone calls, and long bus rides. Yet, Proce remained dedicated to working hard no matter the circumstances, since she genuinely loved her job.

It was admittedly a tough decision, but after 16 years, Proce is stepping down as Loughlin’s athletic director. She will continue to teach physical education at the school as well as coach the varsity bowling and junior varsity softball teams.

Going on 29 years in Fort Greene, Proce has seen and done it all. In addition to her current coaching roles, she has also coached volleyball and will remain the GCHSAA Tier 3 varsity softball chairperson.

Sports have always been Proce’s passion. From growing up playing sports with the boys on the streets of Richmond Hill to her time playing Catholic Youth Organization basketball, softball, volleyball, and track at St. Benedict Joseph Labre, she knew sports would someday be involved in her career.

Typically when we pause to think of someone’s legacy in sports, several defining or milestone moments standout. For Proce though, her legacy as Loughlin’s athletic director will be defined as being a consistent role model for student-athletes – despite some extremely difficult challenges she faced in her own life.

In September 2010, Proce was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer. At first, she was devastated and immediately thought about how this diagnosis would affect her job at Loughlin. However, being a positive person who was full of energy worked in her favor, as she stayed strong to meet this challenge head on.

Her treatments were intense and physically exhausting, yet every single day, there she was in school. Doing what she loved as a teacher, coach, and athletic director proved to be the best medicine for her, and she was pronounced cancer-free in late 2011.

Unfortunately in 2017, Proce again faced an uphill battle, with this time uterine cancer serving as a formidable opponent. Once again, her passion for her job and the students of Loughlin allowed her to feel supported in her fight.

She only missed a few weeks after surgery and actually worked from home during that time – making calls, planning schedules, and staying on top of what was going on at school. Her own recovery was secondary to ensuring her student-athletes has a first-class experience.

“I love Bishop Loughlin, and I love the kids and what they’re about,” Proce said. “Not only do I teach them, but they also teach me so many different things. Teaching and coaching is probably the greatest job ever. It’s almost like you’re not really working.”

Only a small handful of us are lucky enough to have their life’s passion turn into their career. Proce is among those select few. For her, there’s no greater feeling than providing an outlet for high-school-aged youth through the realm of sports, especially these days when it’s quite challenging to be a high school student.

Between social media, pandemics, mental health issues, and more, having a positive influence like Proce has undoubtedly done wonders for Loughlin students. Proce is moved whenever she receives a personalized thank you note or Facebook post from former students showing their gratitude for the impact she’s had on their lives.

When asked how she would like to be remembered, Proce turned to Loughlin’s mascot: the Lion. “I hope that I’m remembered as the heart of the Lion,” she said. “My heart is like a lion. I think the kids will see that I put them in front of my own family and friends many times. They’ll see the dedication I have to athletics at the school and all the sports programs that are there.”

To take it a step further, Proce always gave 110 percent even during two bouts with cancer. That work ethic despite her personal challenges will be etched as the foundation of her Loughlin legacy.

For this two-time cancer survivor, her love of the students, love of her job, and love of the school drove her to be a positive, energetic role model for student-athletes and coaches alike. She was and will remain the heart of the Lion.

That is how Angela Proce will be remembered.

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