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Bishop Is Assigned Titular See in Algeria

Bishop Neil Tiedemann is the fifth auxiliary bishop to have been assigned the titular See of Cova.

Titular Sees are dioceses where the Church once flourished but which later died out. Bishops without a territorial or residential diocese of their own are given titular sees.

The former Diocese of Cova was based in the Algerian town of Ziama Mansouriah on the Mediterranean Sea. The 2008 census noted that it had a population of 12,642.

In Roman times, the ancient city was called Cova and belonged to the Roman province of Mauretania Sitifensis.

It was significant enough to have been a suffragan bishopric. Bishop Maximus of Cova was one of the Catholic Bishops whom the Arian Vandal King Huneric summoned to Carthage in 484 and then exiled.

No longer a residential See, the ancient diocese was restored as a titular See in 1933.

The former Titular Bishop was Auxiliary Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel of Dallas. He surrendered the title in 2017 when he was named Bishop of Lafayette, La.