Boomers & Beyond - Fall 2017

Better Hearing with Hearing Aids

Five Steps to Improve Your Life

Unlike eyeglasses, which provide immediate, positive results as soon as you put them on, hearing aids typically require a short transition period. Most people need a month or two to get used to how they sound, how they feel and get in the routine of wearing them everyday.

But once they do, independent research shows that hearing aid usage has a positive effect on such things as earning power, relationships and physical health.

Follow these five steps to enjoy the great benefits of wearing hearing aids:

Have a positive attitude

You will get much more out of your hearing aids when you go into wearing them with an open mind and focus on all the quality-of-life benefits they provide.

Managing your own environment

Learn what situations you can control and what situations it is best to avoid.

Set realistic expectations

Nothing cures hearing loss, but hearing aids can truly help you regain much of what you’re currently missing.

Take time to practice

Put effort into personal hearing training to help you transition to the new sounds you’re hearing.

Be patient

Like riding a bike, hearing aids take time to master. But once you do, wearing your hearing aids will be second nature.

Hearing aids in 2017 are not like hearing aids in 1999. They are comfortable, work well with background noise and are able to pair with a phone, computer or music. Best of all, they can be invisible.

The audiologist at Manhattan Avenue Hearing Aids has almost 20 years experience fitting and selecting the appropriate device to match your needs. The staff is knowledgeable in insurance coverage and benefits, and would be happy to assist with questions or scheduling.

Having a friend who “got hearing aids and kept them in the drawer” is not a reason for you to not give them a try. All hearing aids come with a 45-day trial period, so you can safely try different brands and styles without risk.

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