Letters to the Editor

Better Choice

Dear Editor: In his column (July 2-9), Bishop DiMarzio puts the two presidential candidates on a par and says that choosing between them puts us in a quandary. “Who between them is the better choice to uphold religious freedom?” he asks.

He quotes, to her detriment, Hillary Clinton’s assertion regarding women’s reproductive health that “deep cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.” But, in fact, isn’t this just what had to happen in the Civil Rights Movement, a cause led by the Reverend Martin Luther King and participated in by the Berrigan brothers, Rabbi Heschel and many other religious/civic reformers?

Her far-left stand on abortion aside, as senator from New York and secretary of state, Clinton mirrors much of the Church’s position on social justice – advocating for the protection, education and rights of women and children in this country and abroad.

What Donald Trump stands for in this regard is hard to know because his comments sound off the cuff, shallow and contradictory. He lacks the experience and temperament to be president.

Whatever her perceived flaws, Clinton and Trump are not on par and the choice is clear.


Park Slope


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