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Bernie’s Concerns Are Valid

Dear Editor: In George Weigel’s recent column (May 14) titled “Now What?,” he refers to a number of politicians, and political parties past and present, in unflattering terms. As a columnist, that is his right. But I take offense to this statement criticizing Senator Bernie Sanders: “What about the Democrats who have never demanded an alternative to a septuagenarian crank who specializes in recycling the leftist bunkum of the 20th century…”

The issues raised by Senator Sanders are not “leftist bunkum.” They speak to the passions of many Americans, young and old, who feel they have been left behind and will never be able to achieve the American dream.

Is the massive amount of student debt not a concern for college students and their parents? When the senator talks about the possibility for refinancing this debt, is this not a serious issue? When he criticizes financial firms and large banks about their toxic investments that lead to the meltdown in 2008 and the plunge in dollar amounts in individuals’ pensions, 401(K) plans, and speaks of the diminished hopes for a secure retirement, is this the rant of a “septuagenarian crank?”

When Senator Sanders asks our politicians to take a far closer look at such trade deals as the North American Free Trade Alliance, the Central American Free Trade Alliance, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (all of which have been promoted by Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama), is this “leftist bunkum” as well? Might it be more honest for our presidents to say these trade deals are not without consequences, and that there will be winners and losers (many of the losers have been American companies and their employees)?

Senator Sanders has raised legitimate concerns about our political system and our country. To dismiss them, as George Weigel has done, to refer to Senator Sanders as a “crank,”peddling “leftist bunkum” is insensitive to the concerns of millions of Americans.



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One thought on “Bernie’s Concerns Are Valid

  1. Yes, all of Sanders’ bald faced lies are leftist bunkum pandering to invincible ignorance. The unjust practice of wanting to steal from taxpayers to pay for the moral irresponsibility of college students is evil. The “meltdown” of toxic debt causing the “meltdown” of 2008 was a product of government policies that forced financial institutions to assume debt not the fault of those financial institutions. And free trade has resulted in more ingress of American jobs not more egress. The loss of value in savings and investments again were a cause of government monetary policies, and it is odd that Mr. Gootar would see as a solution the policies of a politician who now wants the government to directly steal from retirement accounts.