Letters to the Editor

Benefit of Earth’s Riches

Dear Editor: The completion of the Keystone Pipeline is necessary not only for economics but national security as well. Jobs will be created not only on the construction side, but as the price of fuel is kept lower, middle-class citizens can keep, spend and invest savings in other fields boosting the economy as a whole which will put people to work.

Nefarious foreign governments have held a chokehold on the U.S. over the years while racking in untold trillions in inflated oil prices. They use their riches not for good but for evil – destabilizing vast regions of the world to gain more power while keeping people in poverty to take advantage of them. The pipeline can help turn the tables on oil-rich madmen intent on our destruction while using common-sense regulations.

Certain groups are so concerned about protecting the environment that they have lost sight of our moral deterioration. They have also used the whole green movement and other social issues as a political tool to pit ordinary people against one another and that is a sin.

The environment that needs to be saved first is society’s soul. For what good is clean air and water if humanity has lost its spirituality and continues on a downward spiral into the abyss. God put the riches of the Earth here so mankind could use them for the benefit of all the people not for the love of greed, lust and power, which is what we have now.

Marine Park