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Bay Ridge Parish Hosts Sweet Celebration for Mardi Gras

Our Lady of Angels, Bay Ridge, celebrated Mardi Gras in style Feb. 12
Desserts were brought from all over the neighborhood including many homemade snacks from parishioners.
From left, Ann O'Brien, Pam Hume, and Msgr. Kevin Noone thanked everyone for coming.
Confirmation candidates volunteered to help serve the desserts and got in on the fun themselves.

Our Lady of Angels in Bay Ridge celebrated Mardi Gras in style. The parish hosted its inaugural dessert night in the school cafeteria. Desserts came from all over the neighborhood, as well as many people bringing their own homemade snacks to share with the community. Confirmation candidates handed out beads, masks and helped serve the food. The only thing that was asked of the guests was to meet at least one person that they did not already know.

“I am very grateful to have so many people here to celebrate together,” said Msgr. Kevin Noone, pastor, who gave a blessing and thanked everyone for being there before he had a few treats himself.

“Mardi Gras is a great celebration as it helps up to see the joy that comes from sacrifice through Lent. This is a time to focus not on the sacrifices and struggles we may face in Lent and in life but to look to the joy that will be ours when Lent is complete. When we are faithful in Lent it makes Easter then that much more appreciated and understood,” said Msgr. Noone.

In his prayer over the desserts, the monsignor prayed, “We ask God to helps us to continue to grow and always try to be better through Jesus’ teaching.”

Parishioner Pam Hume helped to organize the night and was excited to see it come together.

“Myself and Ann O’Brien had this idea to celebrate Mardi Gras so this is our first time doing it, but we hope it can turn into something we do every year. We are delighted to have so many people here to eat but to also mix and maybe meet some new people of the parish. That was an important goal to invite all the different groups of the parish to come together and hopefully meet some new people. It is a great spirit here tonight as we can all come together and enjoy the company before Lent.”

She also added her own plans for the Lenten season. “I believe in doing positive things during Lent. I understand we have to make sacrifices but this year I decided to reach out to loved ones I have lost contact with and try to reconnect.”