Motivated by Faith, Catholic Scientists Look Beyond Earth’s Galaxy

After an unexpected 2020, this year began with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn’s conjunction — a nighttime view akin to the North Star that led the Magi to the Baby Jesus. For some, the sight was a reminder of just how beautiful God’s creation is, even in the most difficult times.

A Jewish Woman’s Journey Toward the Catholic Faith Amid Livestreamed Mass

For many Catholics, making the transition from in-person to livestreamed Mass during the pandemic has been a sobering experience. It has meant not being able to receive the Eucharist and participate in Mass with the rest of the faithful. That’s not Debbie Starkman-Zdyrko’s experience. She feels closer to her community and the Catholic faith now than she did before quarantine began. 

For Mexican Catholics in the U.S., Biculturality Impacts All Areas of Life

Twenty-year-old Abigail Zarate is a Latino Studies student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a Mexican-American, a Catholic, and a first-time voter. For some, this might sound like a lot, but for her, being many things at once is part of her cultural identity and faith journey.

Want to Get Closer to God? Take a Hike

Sometimes, carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders and feeling small can be a really big thing. Anyone who hikes, camps, or backpacks knows that feeling.