When a Catholic School Closes, What Happens to All That Is Left Inside?

The closing of a Catholic school marks the end of an era for generations of students and teachers, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything. For example, all of the items inside a school building — everything from the desks and chairs in classrooms to statues of saints gracing the hallways to student report cards stored away in file cabinets — have a life beyond the school itself.

Parishioner’s Love for Queens Church Lives on in Endowment for Academy’s Students

Rose Angelicola never had children, but when she passed away last year at age 91, she left a legacy of love and commitment to young people. Angelicola bequeathed a large sum — $100,000 — to Our Lady of Hope Church in Middle Village, where she was a parishioner for more than 60 years, and the church worked with her family and the Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens to establish an endowment in her name.

Bite-sized History: National Donut Day Has Christian Roots

When people celebrate National Donut Day on Friday, June 7 by biting into a sugar-coated fried dough, they might not be aware that Christianity is embedded in the history of the delicious day. National Donut Day, which was first celebrated in Chicago in 1938, was not a half-baked idea. 

A Rooftop Garden Grows in Manhattan to Feed Hungry Migrants

In the house where Servant of God Dorothy Day lived and died, members of the Catholic Worker movement she co-founded in the 1930s are carrying on her legacy by operating a soup kitchen to feed nutritious meals to the downtrodden and hungry.

Confirmation: The Gift of the Holy Spirit on the Road to Faith Formation

Of all things, it was a car ride that started Zion Charles on the road to a closer commitment to his Catholic faith. It all began when his mother, Jeanneth Lopez, a car service driver, was sent by her dispatcher to St. Bernard of Clairvaux Church in Mill Basin to pick up a parish priest, Father Michael Tedone, and drive him to Kennedy Airport one day last year.