U.S. Church Strengthening Support for Marriage Amid Declines

This climate includes an ever-changing perception of the importance of marriage in society. The 2021 American Family Survey by Desert News and Brigham Young University’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, released Oct. 12, found “the numbers continue to see slight corrosion in the public’s evaluation of marriage as an institution.”

In The Migrants’ Wake: ‘None Of This Was Here Before’

A look underneath the Del Rio International Bridge today doesn’t tell the story of what — and who — was there two weeks ago. The remains of hastily-constructed migrant camps have been cleared and tossed into six dumpsters. The dirt-grass terrain has been cured.

Removed From Del Rio, ‘Border Crisis’ Poised To Spread in U.S.

The migrants camped beneath the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas may have been dispersed by Sept. 24, but the impact of the latest chapter in this year’s border crisis will still be experienced nationwide, as thousands of the refugees are relocating across the U.S.