Oh! My Papa: Songs to Enjoy on Father’s Day

While there have been hundreds of songs written about fathers through the years, some have left a lasting impression because of how powerfully their lyrics honor the family patriarch.

Perry Como Credited His Deep Faith For All His Success

Who would have ever imagined that a young barber from Canonsburg, a rural town in west-central Pennsylvania located about 20 miles from Pittsburgh, would ultimately become one of the most popular entertainers of the 20th century?

You Still Have Time: Students Urged To Sell Their Tablet Subscriptions

Going into the final stretch of The Tablet’s Covid Relieve Fundraiser for Catholic Schools this past week, Msgr. David Cassato — pastor of St. Athanasius-St. Dominic Church, vicar for Catholic Schools, and New York Police chaplain — encouraged students to sell their subscriptions in a series of short videos which were sent out to all the participating schools to share on their social media platforms.

Only in Print: Sacred and Secular Songs for Easter

Much like Thanksgiving, Easter does not have hundreds of songs to help commemorate the holiday. While there’s no “White Christmas” or “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer,” there is “Easter Parade” and “Here Comes Peter Cottontail,” along with dozens of sacred songs that celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord.

Adapting an Irish Ballad for a New York Audience

Many of the Irish ballads we are familiar with are derived from Irish and English ballads of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The lyrics are sometimes changed, while the melodies often remain the same. That’s why you will often hear folk singers adding new words to centuries-old songs.