Letters to the Editor

Another Pro-Life Light in The Pandemic

Dear Editor: Thanks for highlighting the great work of Good Counsel homes and Bridge to Life to help mothers and babies during these dark days.

Another organization in the diocese that continues to fight the good fight to help women is Expectant Mother Care/EMC Frontline. EMC has for many years operated two crisis pregnancy centers in Downtown Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens, where it provides counseling, ultrasounds, support, and information to mothers who are in difficult and distressing situations and considering abortion.

EMC offers life-affirming alternatives to thousands of women each year, and it remains fully staffed and functioning, providing these services to mothers, notwithstanding the pandemic. Just last week, EMC obtained and coordinated
the distribution of 267,000 disposable diapers, most of which went to needy moms in Brooklyn and Queens.

If the governor and mayor maintain that Planned Parenthood and the other abortion mills in the city are essential services, then EMC is doubly so.

Patrick M Collins

Windsor Terrace

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