Letters to the Editor

Another Fan of Liberals

Dear Editor: I could not agree more with Mary Geraghty’s letter (“We’re Indebted to Liberals,” Feb. 6). Yes, we are truly indebted to the liberals of our society. It has always been those liberal politicians who have worked for the social justice issues that are most important to the needy in our society.

On the other hand, I am amazed that there are some people who support candidates who would build a wall to keep people out of America. They would separate children from parents because of their legal status, cut off support for social programs and keep people out of America because of their faith.

I wonder where is their Catholic value system? Does the Gospel not mean anything them? Have all the communions that were given out not touched their thinking? But they are pro-life, so that makes them good Catholics.

Thank God that Jesus, Mary and Joseph did not have to depend on them for their welcome when they were strangers.



One thought on “Another Fan of Liberals

  1. As a Catholic I could never support candidates who openly and happily proclaim that they support abortion without limits. This letter is exagerating what Donald Trump and other Republicans are saying. They are saying that they want to build a wall at our southern border to keep people out for security reasons which is reasonable. In addition, I do not recall any Republican ever stating that they are against immigration, they are against illegal immigration. What they want is reasonable measures which will ensure our saftey (the number 1 responsibility of our government) which is fair. For the record I am not a Trump supporter, my candidate of choice right now is Marco Rubio who is Pro life, Pro traditional / natural / real marriage, wants to solve our immigration problem with reasonable solutions and compromise, and also wants to expand tax credits for families with children for which he is catching heat from fellow Republicans.