A Celebration of Catholic Media

This week’s The Tablet spotlights the resurgence of Catholic media and its growing influence on spreading the good word to the faithful. 

In keeping with this theme the paper is relaunching The Tablet’s Fundraiser for Catholic Schools (formerly The Tablet’s COVID Relief Fundraiser for Catholic Schools) for the third year in a row. 

With the endorsement of the Diocese of Brooklyn Schools Superintendent Deacon Kevin McCormack, DeSales Media Group, the ministry that produces The Tablet, will start the new campaign where students in Catholic schools and academies throughout the diocese have the opportunity to act as paper boys and girls selling subscriptions for The Tablet for $25 while earning $10 for themselves and $10 for their schools with each subscription sold. 

“Operating a school can be extremely expensive and this campaign helps raise some major funds while at the same time helping students earn money for scholarships and for their families,” said Vito Formica, executive director of news content and development for DeSales Media. 

Next month The Tablet will produce the Catholic school section Tablet Jr. that is written by budding journalists in the Catholic schools and academies in the diocese. 

Each month during the school year a Catholic school or academy is selected to provide content from news stories, artwork, and columns to be published in the paper. 

The feedback from the students after submitting their impressive content is very positive for all involved, including the teachers and principles. 

DeSales Media Group believes that offering the Tablet Jr. content is an important facet of offering our young readers a basis for their faith formation. 

The ability for our students to access faith-focused Catholic content in an easy, friendly, modern format can have results needed in today’s crowded media field. 

The Tablet strives each week to give the Catholic point of view to news stories from the diocese, in the country, and around the world. 

It’s an important voice in an ever-more secular world of journalism where opinion and bias drive what news is featured in newspapers, TV news programs, or podcasts. 

This Saturday, Sept. 23, there will be a Mass celebrated by Bishop Robert Brennan focusing on Catholic journalism. 

This Mass is an opportunity for the paper to welcome our benefactors to a meet and greet with the editors and reporters at The Tablet along with the staff from NET-TV, which produces the news program Currents News.