Analysis: Should Hong Kong Crackdowns Count as ‘Anti-Christian Persecution’?

Prison sentences handed down this week for three young pro-democracy activists, in tandem with the arrest of media tycoon Jimmy Lai, has been largely read as the latest chapter in China tightening its grip on Hong Kong and eviscerating the principle of “one nation, two systems” under which the territory was transferred to Chinese control in 1997.

A Multi-millennial Persecution Against the Jewish People

While Giacomo Casanova is usually remembered as a womanizer, the 1700s Italian adventurer was also a gifted writer and translator. His memoirs are a 12-volume, 3,500-page fascinating portrait of Europe in the 18th century. Many years ago, while reading the book, I was struck by this paragraph:

The Persecution of Middle East Christians

Dear Editor: I must take exception to one statement in (“Malliotakis Decries Persecution Against Christians in Holy Land — S. I. Politician gets a firsthand look at the situation in Israel” Aug. 3), by Allyson Escobar and Alexandria Moyen.