Priesthood Jubilees 2018

Marking 60th Year As a Vincentian Priest

Father Dorr, C.M.

Father James F. Dorr, C.M., a native of Buffalo, N.Y., attended Niagara University, Georgetown University, and the Mexican North American School of Cultural Relations.

He was ordained a member of the Vincentian Fathers on May 31, 1958.

Post-ordination studies have been done at American Management Association; St. John’s University, Jamaica; and the Center for International Formation Heritage X, Paris.

Following ordination he was assigned to the missions in Panama and Costa Rica. From 1961 to 1967, he was a parish priest in Philadelphia. From 1967 to 1975, he was associate director of vocations.

In 1975, he was appointed chaplain to the School of Education and Human Services at St. John’s University and assistant to the president for Development and Special Events, as well as chaplain to the Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s.

He also has served as a member of the executive board of the National Museum of Catholic Art and History; chaplain to the Alsatian Society; chaplain to Local Union 638; chairman of the Ozanam Geriatric Foundation and executive advisory board members of All Hallows College, Dublin, Ireland.

In 1967, he was awarded the President’s Medal at St. John’s for exemplary deeds on behalf of the university.

He retired in 2010. On Sundays, he celebrates Mass for the workers at Belmont Racetrack.

3 thoughts on “Marking 60th Year As a Vincentian Priest

  1. Congratulations on all your merits, you’ve accomplished so much. One can only wish to do a fraction of all the good you do. God bless.

  2. Dear Fr Jim,
    Jesus bless you and comfort you.
    My maiden name is Teresa McGuire. I remember attending your 25th anniversary of your ordination,
    with my mother Mary McGuire, my husband and my children Helen and Tim. You performed my marriage and baptized my daughter Helen, named after your mother. My father Francis (Mac) McGuire lived with your family. He said he taught you your prayers to become an altar boy, and he taught your sister Joan how to drive.
    God has blessed my family as part of your family. Joan was a positive, loving lady. My family is blessed to have known her, Joe, your sisters and brother, and especially your dad and mother, my ‘Gramma Dorr.’
    Jesus is our loving savior, our comfort and Divine Mercy. I pray for you every day that his mercy bring you joy every day of your priesthood.

  3. Father Jim Dorr was a classmate and teammate of my Dad’s at Niagara University. I first met him at another teammate’s [and Dad’s roommate] Ray Nolen’s funeral in Nolen’s hometown Philadelphia. Father Dorr presided over the grave site prayers. Ray was family after my Dad married Ray’s cousin Dolores Nolen.
    Ironically; Ray’s dad was good friends with legendary HOF baseball manager Joe McCarthy; who also attended Niagara University as a result of their North Philadelphia neighborhood’s deep Vincentian Headquarters roots.
    Meeting Father Dorr that day as he was then affiliated with St John’s University led me to stay in contact and help in the early years of the Father Dorr organized Newman Golf Classic yearly golf outings {Now the Father Dorr Classic many decades later}.
    He was gracious enough to baptize my children over the years and was a celebrant at my Dad’s funeral mass in October of 2019.
    His travels and story telling are legendary; as is he. Everyone who I have come across at Vincentian sister schools St. John’s U, Niagara U and DePaul U} have shared how they love the man that is Father Dorr.

    Walter Rooney Jr.