FEB. 14 – Leads Parents Rally in  Albany for tuition tax relief. 

MAY 6 – Honored by the Italian American Museum in Manhattan. MAY 15-17 – Meets Pope Benedict  XVI while in Rome for meeting of the  Pontifical Council for the Pastoral  Council of Migrants. 

JUNE 6 – Announces appointment of Auxiliary Bishops Frank Caggiano,  Octavio Cisneros and Guy Sansaricq. JUNE 15 – Appears with Cardinal  Roger Mahony of Los Angeles and Bishop Gerard Barnes of San  Bernardino at a press conference in Los Angeles urging immigration reform. 

AUG. 22 – Ordains Auxiliary Bishops  Caggiano, Cisneros and Sansaricq  

at Our Lady of Angels Church, Bay  Ridge. 

SEPT. 2 – Issues statement on  “Immigration and Work.” 

DEC. 12 – First Bishop’s Christmas  Luncheon to benefit Bishop’s Scholarship Fund. 

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