Ex-Papal Envoy to US Calls on Pope to Resign, Saying He Knew About McCarrick

Just hours after Pope Francis condemned the “repugnant crimes” of sexual abuse by clergy during his two-day trip to Ireland, news broke in the United States that a former papal ambassador to the country is accusing Pope Francis of having known about abuse allegations against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and failing to act.

Pope Meets Victims, Uses Strong Street Term for Abuse and Cover-Up

Pope Francis on Saturday met eight survivors of clerical abuse for 90 minutes during his 32-hour trip to Ireland. The group included not only those sexually abused by clergy, but also people who spent time in industrial schools and mother and baby homes, all of which have been the settings for abuse scandals.

Pope Francis Calls Families the “Hope of the Church and World”

I am grateful to all of you for your warm welcome. It is good to be here! It is good to celebrate, for celebration makes us more human and more Christian. It also helps us to share the joy of knowing that Jesus loves us, he accompanies us on our journey of life, and each day he draws us closer to himself.

LGBT Voices Say They Won’t Be Ignored

Since the summit of families in Dublin, originally designed to promote Pope Francis’s document on the family “Amoris Laetitia”, has been overtaken by the shadow of serious charges of sexual abuse and cover-up, it would appear that it’s not the time to shine for the LGBT constituency.

Pope Francis Speech at Dublin Castle to Diplomats

At the beginning of my visit to Ireland, I am grateful for the invitation to address this distinguished assembly representing the civil, cultural and religious life of the country, together with the members of the diplomatic corps and guests.

Irish Sex Abuse Survivor: The Bar Is Too Low

When Colm O’Gorman left home just after he turned 18 years old, he spent six months on the streets of Dublin homeless and wondering what he did wrong in life to be sexually abused by a Catholic priest for years. Now he’s only left with words to describe the agony of long ago, but the horror never left him.

Pope’s Point Man Says Migrants Can Model the Real Meaning of Family

Leading up to the World Meeting of Families, some critics charged the focus was too narrowly on Ireland. Those detractors received a response on Wednesday morning, when an opening session dealt with how refugees might help restore stronger familial bonds all across the globe.