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Let Them Speak: Sharing the Sounds of Gratitude  For the Franciscan Jubilee Mass

By Angela Castronova and Marianne Bohn

Photo St. Francis Preparatory School

I had the privilege of performing with the Chamber Choir from St. Francis Preparatory School, Fresh Meadows, during the Jubilee Mass for the Franciscan Brothers as they celebrated their extensive years of devotion to God.

Having the opportunity to use my talents to serve my school and the Brothers was a humbling and touching experience. The Mass was beautiful, especially listening to the traditional chants done by the Brothers.

The songs that the chorus and I performed reflected the joy behind the event.

The Immaculate Conception Center’s chapel in Douglaston was so beautiful! It was the perfect setting for such a celebratory event.

– Angela Castronova, St. Francis Prep Chamber Choir Member

Playing at the Jubilee celebration was a wonderful experience for everyone.

Being in a holy setting when playing definitely changes how we play and the meaning of the work we play.

Knowing that God was with us at that very moment congratulating the Brothers as well as the people for performing made the event extra special.The orchestra had the chance to play with their teachers as well as guests like the trumpet players, which was a unique experience!

The students observed the adults, but the adults also learned from us students as we joined together to make music.

The Franciscan Brothers deserved a special congratulations for the many years they have dedicated themselves to serving God and helping us learn from their holiness and Franciscan values.

The Jubilee Mass was definitely an experience I will never forget because the combination of music, togetherness and holiness made it such a terrific moment.

– Marianne Bohn, St. Francis Prep Chamber Orchestra member

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