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Let Them Speak: An All-Inclusive Valentine’s Day

By Roselyn Rozario


The fourteenth of February is commonly known as a day to celebrate love. More specifically, it is an annual festival generally associated with celebrating romantic love.

This artwork depicts Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day, both observed Feb. 14 this year. (Illustration: Catholic News Service/Elizabeth Butterfield, Diocese of Erie)

However, special days such as Valentine’s Day most often triggers powerful emotions and memories in a person: the grief of losing a loved one, the bitterness of being alone, and more. But love comes in all shapes and sizes. In fact, love is inclusive of everyone.

On this day, you are meant to be loved, it is not just for romantic love. This day is for the celebration of love, all kinds of love. If there is anything that I can impart with you, it is to not ask yourself what love is. Do not tell yourself that I have no one to love, or not have someone to receive love from. Valentine’s Day is for you, and for me. So go out on that day, and and show your love for your loved ones.

Roselyn Rozario is a junior and attends the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph, Prospect Heights.  

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