U.S. Bishop Personally Escorts Asylum Seekers Across U.S.-Mexico Border

As tensions at the U.S.-Mexico border continue to mount, El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz successfully shepherded a group of migrants who had previously been denied asylum in the United States across the border on Thursday, describing their plight as “an affront to human rights and human dignity.”

‘No More Death, No More Exploitation,’ Pope Says at U.S.-Mexico Border

Speaking from the symbolic platform of the U.S.-Mexico border, Pope Francis pleaded for the plight of immigrants while warning those refusing to offer safe shelter and passage that their actions and inhospitable attitudes were bringing about dishonor and self-destruction as their hearts hardened and they “lost their sensitivity to pain.”

U.S. Border Bishops Stress Renewed Commitment to Welcome Migrants

The day after Title 42 expired, lifting pandemic public health restrictions that had limited border crossings into the United States, a group of bishops along the southwest U.S.-Mexico border said they “remain committed” to the Church’s efforts to welcome migrants.

More Action Needed to Help Essential Migrant Farmworkers in the U.S.

The immigration crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border has drawn much attention to Title 42. While the law had been around for decades, the Trump administration used it to block migrants from entering the U.S. in an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19.