Be Like God: Love Gratuitously

by Father Jean-Pierre Ruiz TWO TOUGH COMMANDS bookend this Sunday’s readings from the Scriptures. First, there’s Leviticus, where God directs Moses to tell the people, “Be holy, for I, the Lord, your God, am holy.” Then there is Matthew, where Jesus instructs His disciples, “Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.” There is […]

Study Should Lead to Action

I wonder what Father Robert Lauder (the only film critic I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in person) thinks about Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 epic movie “The Ten Commandments,” the remake (in part) of his own 1923 silent film. With Yul Brynner as the pharaoh Ramses and Charlton Heston as Moses, and with the likes of Edward G. Robinson and Yvonne de Carlo heading up an all-star cast, the film was nominated for seven Academy Awards, but came away with only one Oscar for Best Visual Effects. By today’s standards of computer-generated special effects, the special effects come across as just little bit lame to some viewers.

Disciples, Stay Salty

by Father Jean-Pierre Ruiz, YOU EITHER LOVE it or you loathe it! What am I talking about? Bacalao, of course! Dried, salted codfish.

United in Mind and Purpose

One of the eminent challenges our Church faces today is the lack of Christian unity.

Let Us Seek Holiness Anew

THIS TIME OF year, it may be tempting to let the light of Christmas fade away. The tree and Nativity scenes are gone; the ornaments are carefully stored. The season is over, and we resume the part of the calendar liturgically called Ordinary Time.

Bask in the Light of Christ

Today’s readings point to the light that had come to dispel the darkness of the world – not only the planet we live on, but also the unique individual worlds that you and I are in this universe of humanity. Revolving around the Son, we sometimes allow sin to eclipse the grace of God bestowed on us at baptism. So it is good to breathe in this celebration deeply, basking in the light of Christmas that continues to shine brightly.

Let Mary Be Our Guide

WHAT A WAY to start the new year! As a Church, we are privileged to begin by honoring Mary, the Mother of God, while still basking in the fresh light of Christmas. We have honored the Christ Child –  and indeed continue to do so – but for a brief moment we turn our gaze to His Mother and ours, while her loving gaze never leaves His precious little body. This is at the heart of the mystery of Mary which we contemplate today.

Best Gift of All? The Eucharist

by Father John P. Cush A PRIEST WHO is a friend of mine was the celebrant of Mass on Christmas Day in his parish and proclaimed the Gospel with which we are presented this Sunday, the Solemnity of the Lord’s Nativity. There are several Masses of Christmas, each with its own set of readings. The Mass for Christmas Day is titled “Mass During the Day,” and has the Prologue of the Gospel of John as its Gospel.

Following the Example of Joseph

by Father John P. Cush THE GOSPEL WE proclaim today, taken from the Evangelist Matthew, puts the focus firmly on St. Joseph, the husband of Mary. Joseph stands as a model of what every Catholic man – or woman, for that matter – should be.