Women and Life Issues

Dear Editor: In your column, you implied that participants in the Jan. 21 Women’s March had smashed windows and set cars on fire. In fact, an estimated four million people participated in more than 400 marches nationwide with zero acts of violence. The events you reference occurred on Inauguration Day.

Msgr. Bennett Remembered

Dear Editor: The Tablet might find it interesting to note that the late Msgr. Austin Bennett and his ordination classmate, the late and great Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, were both ordained on June 11, 1949. And both died on the same day in the month of January – Jan. 31 – five years apart. They remained close friends over the years and both were scholars.

Support of Catholic Issues

Dear Editor: In response to Rosemary Parker’s comments (Jan. 21) that she is “appalled” that Cardinal Dolan attended the Trump Inauguration, I would like to remind her that the candidate that she supported along with her union (United Federation of Teachers) was advocating policies that were in direct conflict with Catholic teaching.

Rego Park Misses Eileen

Dear Editor: As my husband and I were at Mass on vacation in Puerto Rico, we received a message that Eileen Feeney had passed away that morning at the age of 96.

Ridiculous Name-Calling

Dear Editor: Without any specifics, two recent letters make the same ridiculous claims about President Trump as the propagandistic media, calling him a fascist, a racist, a white supremacist, a supporter of Russian interventionist policies and a man who “compares” himself to Christ on an occasion of self-deprecating irony.

We Get Nothing in Return

Dear Editor: Letter writer Patricia Kenney tells us that the evidence of climate change is irrefutable. The Paris agreement on climate change is nothing more than President Obama’s effort at income redistribution from the United States to Third World countries.

The Cost of Believing

Dear Editor: Many years ago, while a guest at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Conn., I found myself seated at the dining table next to a Japanese man who was on his way to Rome in order to renew contact with the Vatican relating to the “hidden or secret Catholics” of Japan.

Tribute to Det. McDonald

Dear Editor: Thank you for your beautiful editorial comments about our now sorely-missed Detective McDonald.

Sister Bernadette Cared

Dear Editor: I read in your Jan. 14 issue of the death of Sister Bernadette Downes, C.I.J.. I remember how much Sister Bernadette and her work helped my son, Peter, who had Down Syndrome, back in the 1970s.

Be Quiet on Politics

Dear Editor: Being that the Catholic Church is a tax-exempt organization, it should refrain from publishing letters or telling its members to vote for one candidate or another.