Readers Are Responding to Bright Christmas Campaign

One of the most satisfying aspects of The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Campaign is opening the mail and reading the personal notes that so many of our readers send with their contributions. “I’m grateful to God for the many blessings He’s bestowed on me that enable me to share with others,” writes Marie Fleuranges of Jamaica. “I hope every child and family has a truly Bright Christmas.”

Requests To Help Children Arriving at a Record Level

Not sure why, but we have been deluged with requests for help from our annual Bright Christmas campaign. Maybe the times aren’t as good as some of us think and the poor need more assistance this year than we even thought.

Bright Christmas Campaign Is Now Officially Underway

It hardly seems possible that Thanksgiving has arrived and Christmas is just around the corner. Parishes and diocesan groups are making their plans for Christmas celebrations and that, of course, means requests are arriving for help from The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Fund.

Singing Seminarians Prepare for Local Concerts

Singing seminarians from the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre and the Archdiocese of New York are planning a series of Christmas concerts coming soon to a parish near you.

The men who make up the Schola at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers are hoping to raise enough money to offset the $45,000 estimated cost of a concert tour of France next summer.

Brooklyn’s First Five Bishops Now Together in Douglaston Crypt

The earthly remains of Brooklyn’s first three bishops are back in the Brooklyn Diocese after resting in the neighboring Diocese of Rockville Centre for the past 59 years. The coffins of Bishops John Loughlin, Charles E. McDonnell and Archbishop Thomas E. Molloy were removed from the crypt at Immaculate Conception Seminary, Huntington, L.I., and brought to their new resting place at Immaculate Conception Pastoral Center, Douglaston, on Aug. 3.

When O’Hagan Was Around, Everyone’s Eyes Were Smiling

The Great Irishman, Al O’Hagan, passed into eternal life on Wednesday evening, Oct. 26, at the age of 81. As he entered the Gates of Paradise, I’m sure he was greeted by a reception of joyful Gaels with names like O’Dwyer, Sullivan, Kelly and O’Hara.

Mercifully, the Campaign for President is Almost Finished

For most people, the presidential elections couldn’t come quickly enough. We’ve grown tired all the mean banter, so let’s get on with it. Let’s vote and put this behind us. Most folks made up their minds a long time ago.

Faith Is at a Crossroads In This Year’s Election

Catholics should be scared to death for the future of the Church in the United States. The recent posting from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and the revelations of the contents of some of the emails from the Clinton campaign pose a very serious threat to Catholics.

Italian Traditions Feel At Home in Brooklyn

The buses rolled into Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza last Sunday afternoon as hundreds of parishioners disembarked and lined up for a parade. The marching band of the New York City Police Department warmed up as it prepared to lead the way down Vanderbilt Ave.